Lonely Girl 15

Summer of 2006. Five years ago. Was she more real if she was fake? Or more fake if she was real. Who cared? What mattered? Coming early in the vlogging timeline it would be interesting to find out how many “real” vloggers, if anything performative is real… or if anything in life isn’t performed… interesting to find out how many real vloggers were inspired by this “idea” of vlogging…

A year-and-a-half later in 2008:



  1. Guest Post says:

    Thanks, I wasn’t familiar with Lonely Girl 15 before, but I’ve heard the name. How did it all play out?

  2. Hi, are you guys casting now? I’d really love to read for an projects like this one, I think there’s still so much room to explore in this area!

    • Hi Lizzy, we are not casting currently, however we do have a couple of projects along this line in development, so there may be something interesting before too long. Let’s keep in touch. It’d be great to have you come read!

  3. Testing 1, 2, 3…

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