Laura’s vlog #2

We learned in school that by the time an Amish girl is twelve years old she knows how to cook a meal for a whole crew of Amish workers, I can’t do that, my cooking skills aren’t for shit, but I can draw the rings of Saturn and I’m working on my novel and I think that’s better.

We also learned that three thousand years ago King Tut’s grandfather, Amenhotep III became king when he was just twelve, and his son, Amenhotep IV changed the world. He moved the capital city and he eliminated pantheism and personal gods and taught of a oneness with creation. My stepmom Jane told me that she made a laser when she was twelve. I think twelve year olds can do a lot. Mommy and daddy always tell me I can do anything. I wasn’t confident until recently though. I like being me now; I don’t think I always did like being me.


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