Mike’s vlog #2

This is a little machine, it’s not a robot, it does loosely speaking have: Input: winding. Memory: this little cylinder. And output: sound. But it’s hardly autonomous or capable of adaptive behavior… it plays the theme from Somewhere in Time… that old Christopher Reeve movie… Karen gave it to me for an anniversary years ago… it was in my nightstand top drawer… I hadn’t wound it for maybe years… and then one day, like a year after she left, I guess I just closed the drawer a little extra hard or something and all of a sudden there’s these little notes coming from the drawer… this music, from a long ago movie about a longer ago time from a woman who used to love me… all stored on these little pin heads on this little half-inch cylinder… just sitting dormant in my drawer… forgotten… non-existent… never-having-been-existent… just dormant… and then one day you close some drawer and for a five second eternity it’s like she’s still there with you… for some lifetime of infinite thinness in time, but infinite thickness in space it’s like she never left you… and then the little spring, that’d been saving this energy from some past love, from having been wound in some distant, forgotten past… just runs down… and the dust that momentarily took the form of someone who used to love you is dust once more…



  1. Aero Elizabeth Bowman says:

    Beautiful Work!

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