Now Casting: Avatars Illustrated

42, performance artist


Hi, I’m Vaneeesa Blaylock, I’m 42, I’m a performance artist. I’ve lived and worked in a bunch of different places, I guess it’s not so much that I’m some heroic world traveller, but we got used to moving a lot as kids, my mom was a diplomat in the Reagan administration, so I guess no place ever really felt like home or I never really felt rooted anywhere or something

Anyway, I’ve done performance work using my own body or doing video pieces, but for the last few years I’ve been working with avatars. Traditionally an avatar is an appearance or manifestation or incarnation of a being from another dimension or from another spiritual plane.

Today an avatar is less god coming down to us, and more us moving in to some other dimension. Your avatar could just be your Facebook profile pix, but it can also be your “character,” your alter ego… it can express your hopes and dreams… like the movie “Avatar” it can liberate you from the limitations of your physical body, or it could also reinforce oppressive cultural stereotypes…

Just like fashion where we try so hard to look like we’re not trying so hard to look fashionable, the avatar you wear can say a lot about who you are or want to be, and also about a new sort of social status.

For thirty-thousand years our physical bodies have been the ultimate art medium. In the last few years the bodies in our minds have been a chance to, I don’t know, become virtually corporeal? Anyway, the avatar excites me. It’s my art medium now.

Thanks for checking out my video blog! I’ll try to blog again soon and say something more fun than this one next time.

I’m Vaneeesa Blaylock, thanks for watching.

Oh, and I guess I should also say,

I am Vaneeesa Blaylock, I am real.


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